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DirectLED FLT5 - 4 Ft. (120cm) LED T5 Fluorescent Replacement Slimline Fixture

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DirectLED FLT5 - 4 Ft. (120cm) LED  T5 Fluorescent Replacement Slimline Fixture

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Product Description

The LED T5 Fluorescent Replacement Solution.

Tired of the hassles associated with traditional fluorescent tubes? Complete your total transition to LED Technology with the EarthLED DirectLED FLT5 Series. The DirectLED FLT5 series is a replacement for traditional T5 fluorescent tubes allowing you to bring LED technology to environments never before possible.

Key DirectLED FLT5 Series Benefits:
  • Long Life: 50,000 + hour lifespan exceeds even the highest quality fluorescents tubes
  • Extreme Efficiency: Over 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescents tubes
  • Flicker-Free Lighting: Eliminate eye strain and headaches associated with fluorescents lighting
  • Shatter-Proof Design: Will not break even if dropped
  • Double Energy Savings: DirectLED FLT5 tubes require no ballast saving even more energy
  • No Mercury Inside: Allows the use of tube lighting when mercury contamination is not an option
  • No Interference: Perfect for settings where precise instruments can be disturbed by fluorescent tubes
  • Instant Starting: Starts right away no matter the temperature or conditions
  • Full Fixture with cord included for instant installation!

DirectLED FLT5 Series for Task Lighting

Task lighting is required for visually intensive environments, such as reading, writing or some kitchen counter top use. The great light quality of DirectLED FLT5 makes your task lighting more effective and easier on your eyes. Locating DirectLED FLT5 underneath your cabinets, shelves, office cubicles etc, can allow you to achieve an ideal task lighting setup. Furthermore, the linear profile of DirectLED FLT5 is also unobtrusive to the design environment allowing them to be integrated anywhere a standard fluorescent is used.

DirectLED FLT5 Series for Display Lighting and Signage

Good light quality and low heat generation makes DirectLED FLT5 a great green alternative for display lighting. No longer worry about heat damage to your valuable merchandise displayed on your counter. You will also be surprised at the ideal display light cast by the quality light output of the DirectLED FLT5 Series.

DirectLED FLT5 is also an excellent candidate for signage back lighting. Since DirectLED FLT5 series feature high output, only a small quantity of DirectLED FLT5 tubes need to be utilized on a even a large billboard or sign. DirectLED FL allows you to instantly make your advertising and messaging energy efficient and Earth friendly.

Instant installation, its that easy.

The DirectLED FLT5 Series comes preinstalled in its own fixture and power cord for an instant installation anywhere you want to bring crisp, stable LED light.

Furthermore, the DirectLED FL T5 does not require the use of a ballast allowing you to save even more energy. As an added benefit there is no ballast to break or fail ensuring even longer life. Removal from the included fixture is simple but does require basic wiring knowledge. Simply disconnect or bypass the ballast during installation to install the DirectLED FL. If you do not feel comfortable with this type of basic wiring, please call an electrician.

DirectLED FLT5 Utilizes 210 high power LEDs to provide 900 lumens of quality, flicker-free light. DirectLED FLT5 is an economical way to replace commonly used fluorescent tubes in your home or business.

Specifications and Dimensions:
  • Power Consumption: 12 Watts
  • Light Engine: 210 High Power LED
  • Input Voltage: AC 85-265V
  • Luminous Flux: 900 Lumens
  • Color Temperature: 3000 K (Warm), 6000 K (Cool)
  • CRI: 75 (Typical)
  • Lifespan: > 50,000 Hours (MTBF)
  • Operating Temperature: -4/104°F (-20/40ºC)
  • Construction: Impact resistant plastic with integrated heat sink
  • Physical Dimensions: Overall Length – 4 Feet (120 CM) Diameter – 1.18 Inches (3 CM) Weight – 1.2 lbs (453 grams)
  • Base Types Available: Bi Pin T5 Compatible, Fixture included

Cost to run for one year – $3.50
Calculated assuming 8 Hours a day operation, 365 Days a Year with $.10 KWh Electricity Cost

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